What Is The Mindset Of Success?

Have you ever wondered why success seems to come so easily (almost without effort) for some individuals while others find it difficult to drag themselves out of bed each morning?

success checklistWhy is it that certain people appear to attract “luck” while others can’t seem to catch a break?

Is there a “secret” to being successful?

Questions like these have intrigued me for years and that is why I made it my mission to find out why some people become successful while others do not.

Through years of research and studying the ways of the successful I have discovered this:

The most successful people had one important trait in common.

They had a “Success Mindset!”

“Slawek Polinski outlines the key steps we need to take once we make the decision to approach each day with faith and purpose to create our own success.”

Jill J. Johnson, President and Founder


In other words they discovered the secret to success was in taking control of their minds rather than their minds taking control over them. They understand the secret and the power in having the “Mindset of Success”

Most people are just six inches away from achieving the success they desire. Six inches is the average space between a person’s ears. Yes, it is their own mind that is keeping them from the success they now want. Somewhere between where they started out and where they want to be, they encounter negative thinking, self-doubt, fear and many other self-sabotaging thinking patterns.

It has become my mission and passion to share the secrets and strategies of developing a powerful and positive mindset so you can attract more joy, and success in your life, relationships and career or business. I will show you how you too can have the “Mindset of Success and leave the days of limiting beliefs self-sabotage in the past.


Slawek Polinski takes you on a life transforming journey as he reveals the simple to use steps to achieving personal power, happiness and success.

James Malinchak, Co-Author, Chicken Soup Of The College Soul
2-Time National College Speaker of the Year
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You Can Have It All

Raining money

You can experience success in your life, relationships, career or business and lead a wealthy, healthy and loving existence. Life is designed to be joyful, abundant, prosperous and full of energy. There is enough of the good stuff to go around for everyone!

I will be sharing strategies, ideas and insights which will allow you to attract the success you desire and deserve into your life. It has been my passion and purpose during the last 10 years to research and study people who have achieved success in various areas of life. All the information and experience I have gathered over these years has dramatically transformed my life. I have been given an incredible gift and now I wish to share that gift with you.

You were created for great things ! Climb on board and join me on this journey to “The Mindset of Success.”

- Slawek Polinski